Welcome to Goose NFT, a gaggle of 1111 geese have been displaced from their natural habitat. Help these rad geese find new homes.

More than 150+ hand-drawn traits. Each NFT is unique and computer generated for true rarity.

100% of profits from our first NFT drop will go towards the Mens Second Chance Living sober house in Hailey, ID (MSCL). A fantastic program helping men with addiction get and stay sober, and integrate back into the work place.



Art has always been a big part of Phillips' life. Being clean from drugs has allowed him to express himself through art in an entirely new way. GOOSE NFT project is a part of his exploration of the intersection of art and blockchain technology, and how to help other people through building digital community. After studying other PFP projects and derivative projects, he put digital pen to paper and found a total of 1111 radical Geese that want to help build a community focused on supporting those wanting sobriety. They have been shipped out to the Ethereum blockchain as unique NFTs to find new friends and spread our message.



Each goose is unique and computer generated from over 150+ possible traits, including expression, headwear, clothing, and accessories. All of the geese are rad, but some are rarer than others.

Purchasing a GOOSE costs .1 ETH and can be purchased exclusively through OpenSea.



Hi, I’m Phillip! During my twenties I used drugs as a form of escapism and needed help pulling myself back together. Through my process of rehabilitation, I spent time in several treatment facilities and lived in a sober home. These facilities made a large impact on my own life, and I observed how important they are to individuals and the broader community. Having a place to live that is safe, and provides structure while you integrate yourself back into society is paramount to an individual's success!

There are many elements to beginning a new life sober from drugs.  For me, contributing to my community is incredibly important, so I have chosen to make giving back the central focus of GOOSE NFT. All profits of NFT sales will be donated to Mens Second Chance Living (MSCL), an all-male sober home in the Wood River Valley area of Idaho.